Last Update: May. 26, 2020, 5:32 a.m.

Evapo-Rust Review – My Test and Opinion on the Product

Getting rid of rust on metal parts of a car is real dream of many motorists throughout the world. You've always wanted some thing which would delete all damaged spots from your car's body and leave it clean for repairing. But as soon as you bought some liquids for huge amount of money, you got disappointed with what you really had as results.

Today we'll find out if Evapo-Rust product is the same as hundreds of different propositions in the market. This is surely not the only liquid you can purchase with the same characteristics written on the bottle. Anyway, I can say that this option really works after using it a couple of times and then testing specially for this review.

When you get to the shop and try to find some rust removing options, you find loads of propositions. But Evapo isn't always there. It's sold mainly through internet, on official website and also in huge shops. Though, you really get what you want exactly with this product. And today I'm going to prove that this is nearly the only liquid which really works.

What does the producer say to Evapo-Rust buyers?

If you've ever tried removing rust from any metal parts, you won't say it's quite easy. Usually it takes lots of time and really huge amounts of money. But with up-to-date materials you can really make it easily. With Evapo liquid you only need to put the metal part in the liquid or just to moisturize metal with it. After using this thing you'll get the results in the shortest time. The producer says you'll actually get next results and wonderful possibilities:

  • full safety for your hands, eyes and all other parts of body, there aren't any toxic materials in the product contents;
  • very quick results - absolutely effective formula which works with different damages of any metal objects;
  • reusable nature - you can use the liquid twice or three times after you pour it into some container until it gets dark;
  • there aren't troubles with getting rid of spent liquid - you may just pour it down your drain with no aftereffects;
  • it's fully earth-friendly and doesn't cause any harm to nature, groundwater, living organisms or whatever;
  • absolutely easy usage of rust remover, you don't need any special instruments, skills or special conditions.

You might remember that removing rust is really a piece of work which you wouldn't agree to do earlier. It's very hard to scrub, sand, sweat all those rusty things and make them clear again. So, it's quite understandable that the product with such wonderful possibilities appeared to be really popular. A lot of positive things which are said by the producer, but do they really work? Let's check it in one simple test. But first I want to give some outlines.

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Are there any negative reviews about Evapo-Rust?

Well, as any product, this rust remover has got some bad reviews and responds of unsatisfied customers. I suppose it could happen because of bad instructions reading. There aren't any words about car body treatment, so I'll give it later. One of the most popular ideas why it's not working is bad usage. Maybe you just needed to hold it a little bit more on the metal thing or you used an expired product.

Also some buyers say that there aren't any positive sides in the product. I can't agree with it and I suppose these buyers have never used the Evapo-Rust. I also know that some small efficient companies buy tons of the product to use it in the production process. It can be effective in spheres of any production. Actually, this fact gives us more than warranty for optimal product quality.

How to apply Evapo-Rust in different situations?

It's very hard to give universal instruction of how to use the rust removing liquid. So, let's start with what producer says of how to use the liquid. It's stated that you can use the same portion of Evapo as many times as you want until it gets dark. Don't dispose the product as soon as you've achieved one of your goals. It'll reduce the costs and make your work with metal parts more effective.

If you work with small elements, then pour the liquid into some container, put the thing into container and wait for a minute. Then take the metal part out, rinse it and then dry. This is the whole process which you need to do. If the metal part is big, take some sponge and soak the rusting surface, then pour water and dry it. After that you have to cover the surface with paint or some other protective layer in order to prevent rusting again.

How to use Evapo-Rust with the cars?

It's not that easy if we speak about car body. It all depends on corrosion damages you have on your vehicle. Some facts about Evapo are great for a car owner. It's stated that the liquid provides optimal metal protection for a long time. But I wouldn't recommend checking that anyway. As soon as you achieved your target with rust removing, put some paint over the metal body. These are the steps you'll need to obey in order to make stop rusting in your car's body:

  1. Try to arrange optimal safety for all surrounding parts. If the rust remover gets to paint, it's likely to destroy some protective layers, so make sure you won't let it spill all over the car while working.
  2. Also provide some sponge in order to remove the liquid as soon as it gives the result. You'll need two sponges to wash the area after rust removing and also some cloth to dry the place.
  3. Take sticky tape and protect all surrounding parts with a water resistant film. It'll guarantee you that the paint won't be damaged and only needed place will be treated by the liquid.
  4. With the help of sponge or some soft cloth put the liquid onto the rusting spot - don't take too much of Evapo. After that wait for ten-twenty seconds and wash it with water and another sponge.
  5. If the result isn't successful, try making it once more. In this way you'll get more effectiveness. But don't try to make it 100 % clean with the liquid, just remove the rust - that's all.
  6. After all procedures are done, take microfiber cloth and dry the place until it's not wet anymore. The only thing which is left is to put the new paint layer on the spot and you can do it immediately.

A lot of car bodies are really well rusting. You won't drive three days and will again see the rust coming out from paint edges. So I recommend you to paint the spot as soon as you get rid of rust. It will ensure optimal work of body for many years. For large spots it would be better to remove paint layer from the whole part and then use Evapo to remove rust. After that you can use prime coating and then usual car paint.

So, should I buy the Evapo-Rust liquid?

I was skeptical about magical possibilities of this liquid when I first saw it in the internet shop. But I decided to check it and write my review. At first it was planned to be negative review with test results, but then it appeared to be nearly advertisement. I can recommend you Evapo-Rust product which is widely used now in different spheres. And it can really make you happy with the results you get after applying.

The only thing to remember here is optimal applying and keeping up with all the instructions and requirements. Especially it's important if you use it with your vehicle. The instruction above can be also used for some other types of applying. Better buy small portion of Evapo first to check if it's ok for you. Otherwise you'll need to pay lots of money. And also I propose you to watch the video with some tests of how it really works: