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What is Better Alfa Romeo Giulietta or Mitsubishi Space Runner?

Comparing Alfa Romeo Giulietta with Mitsubishi Space Runner may help you make it clear which car is worth buying. We came up with 6 reasons to buy Alfa Romeo Giulietta - it's beating Mitsubishi Space Runner, according to these arguments. Mitsubishi Space Runner anyway shows 3 ideas to pick it instead of Alfa Romeo Giulietta. By examining the most valuable specs, our team revealed evident differences between Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Mitsubishi Space Runner. You may compare two cars and form your personal opinion about them. The detailed match can't form any questions about deciding on a vehicle.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta Mitsubishi Space Runner

6 reasons to buy Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Engine and transmission
More engine power

120 bhp vs 114 bhp

88 kw. vs

5% or 6 bhp. More power of car = more top speed.
Faster acceleration from 0 to 60 mph 9.4 sec. vs 11.6 sec. 2.2 sec.
More top speed 121 mph vs 106 mph 15 mph
Less CO2 emissions 93 g/mile vs 137 g/mile 47% or 44 g/mile
Weight and capacity
More capacity of fuel tank 60 liters vs 55 liters 8% or 5 liters
More maximum towing weight with brakes 1300 kg vs 1200 kg 8% or 100 kg

3 reasons to buy Mitsubishi Space Runner

Fuel consumption
Less fuel consumption (Combined cycle) 29.5 mpg vs 44.11 mpg 50% or 14.61 mpg
Other specs
Less weight 1225 kg vs 1280 kg 4% or 55 kg Weight of the vehicle affects: fuel consumption, acceleration dynamic, braking distance, etc.
Less turning radius 10 meters vs 10.9 meters 9% or 0.9 meters

Neutral reasons Alfa Romeo Giulietta vs. Mitsubishi Space Runner

Engine and transmission
Engine capacity 1368 cm3 vs 1834 cm3 25% or 466 cm3 less
Fuel supply Fuel injection with turbocharging vs Multi-point injection fuel
Turbocharging Yes vs Yes
Speeds 6 vs 5 1 more
Length 4351 mm vs 4270 mm 2% or 81 mm shorter
Width 1798 mm vs 1695 mm 6% or 103 mm wider
Height 1465 mm vs 1625 mm 10% or 160 mm lower
Wheels and tires
Wheelbase 2634 mm vs 2520 mm 4% or 114 mm more
*Specs may vary depending on configurations and year of production(taken parameters of last released versions)