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What is Better BMW 5-Series or Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV?

Comparing BMW 5-Series with Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV will help people make it clear which model is worth buying. We came up with 6 factors to go for BMW 5-Series - it's winning Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV, according to these points. Although Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV also has a lot of benefits: get to know 2 points why it's beating BMW 5-Series. By looking at the most prominent specs, we came up with evident differences of BMW 5-Series and Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV. You can compare two cars and find your own emotions about them. The freshest technologies of BMW are presented in 5-Series.


BMW 5-Series Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV

6 reasons to buy BMW 5-Series

Engine and transmission
More cylinders 8 vs 4 4 more cylinders. The more cylinders = the less vibration and the engine runs more smoothly.
More engine power

552 bhp vs 130 bhp

vs 94 kw.

76% or 422 bhp. More power of car = more top speed.
Faster acceleration from 0 to 60 mph 4.2 sec. vs 9.40 sec. 5.2 sec.
More top speed 155 mph vs 122 mph 33 mph
Weight and capacity
More minimum boot capacity 520 liters vs 370 liters 29% or 150 liters
More maximum towing weight with brakes 2000 kg vs 1000 kg 50% or 1000 kg

2 reasons to buy Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV

Other specs
Less weight 1080 kg vs 1870 kg 73% or 790 kg Weight of the vehicle affects: fuel consumption, acceleration dynamic, braking distance, etc.
Less turning radius 10.10 meters vs 12 meters 19% or 1.9 meters

Neutral reasons BMW 5-Series vs. Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV

Engine and transmission
Engine capacity 4395 cm3 vs 1962 cm3 55% or 2433 cm3 more
Turbocharging Yes vs Yes
Speeds 7 vs 5 2 more
Length 4910 mm vs 4205 mm 14% or 705 mm shorter
Width 1891 mm vs 1664 mm 12% or 227 mm wider
Height 1456 mm vs 1330 mm 9% or 126 mm higher
Wheels and tires
Wheelbase 2964 mm vs 2400 mm 19% or 564 mm more
*Specs may vary depending on configurations and year of production(taken parameters of last released versions)