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What is Better Kia Optima or Toyota Camry?

Comparing Kia Optima with Toyota Camry may help buyers decide which car is worth buying. We found 4 weighty arguments why Kia Optima is undoubtedly a more reasonable buy than Toyota Camry. Nevertheless, Toyota Camry provides 6 weighty benefits that turn it into wonderful choice instead of Kia Optima. By examining the most prominent specs, we found evident distinctions of Kia Optima and Toyota Camry. You will compare two cars and find your own view about vehicles. The most effective technologies of Kia are hidden in Optima. Anyway Camry is hard to see as an inferior vehicle, as Toyota invested a lot of efforts in the development.


Kia Optima Toyota Camry

4 reasons to buy Kia Optima

Fuel consumption
Less fuel consumption (Combined cycle) 59 mpg vs 32.78 mpg 44% or 26.22 mpg
Less CO2 emissions 80 g/mile vs 128 g/mile 60% or 48 g/mile
Higher european emission standard EURO 5 vs EURO 3 2 generations
Weight and capacity
More maximum towing weight without brakes 650 kg vs 500 kg 23% or 150 kg

6 reasons to buy Toyota Camry

Engine and transmission
More engine power

150 bhp vs 134 bhp


11% or 16 bhp. More power of car = more top speed.
Faster acceleration from 0 to 60 mph 9.4 sec. vs 10.2 sec. 0.8 sec.
More top speed 130 mph vs 125 mph 5 mph
Weight and capacity
More maximum towing weight with brakes 1600 kg vs 1300 kg 19% or 300 kg
Other specs
Less weight 1470 kg vs 1559 kg 6% or 89 kg Weight of the vehicle affects: fuel consumption, acceleration dynamic, braking distance, etc.
Less turning radius 5.6 meters vs 10 meters 79% or 4.4 meters

Neutral reasons Kia Optima vs. Toyota Camry

Engine and transmission
Engine capacity 1685 cm3 vs 2362 cm3 29% or 677 cm3 less
Fuel supply Common rail vs Distributor fuel injection
Turbocharging Yes vs Yes
Speeds 6 vs 5 1 more
Length 4845 mm vs 4815 mm 1% or 30 mm shorter
Width 1830 mm vs 1795 mm 2% or 35 mm wider
Height 1455 mm vs 1500 mm 3% or 45 mm lower
Wheels and tires
Wheelbase 2795 mm vs 2720 mm 3% or 75 mm more

Comparison of Kia Optima and Toyota Camry: conclusions and opinions

So let's look at some actual facts about Toyota Camry and Kia Optima. Before you make up your mind, read trough our opinion about these two cars. There are 4 vital features and a final word to review about Kia Optima and Toyota Camry.

General Review of Toyota Camry vs. Kia Optima

It's vital to view all characteristics and conclude which car is more effective. It's a well-known fact that Camry was built by Toyota to be one of the market winners. But Kia also involved up-to-date technologies to produce the Optima. The size of the vehicles is a vital factor to view. Toyota Camry is 1470 kg and is 4815 mm in length, 1795 mm wide, and 1500 mm in height. Kia Optima shows 4845 mm in length and 1830 mm in width, and the vehicle is 1455 mm high. It weighs approximately 1559 kg. The wheelbase is 2720 mm for Toyota Camry vs. 2795 mm for Kia Optima.

Now it's time to consider motors. The total capacity of Toyota Camry engine is 150 bhp, and it possesses 4 cylinders. Owners of Kia Optima can use 134 bhp of power, as it's a simply built 4-cylinder motor. If you drive Kia Optima, you can reach 60 miles per hour right after 10.2 sec., and Toyota Camry copes with this speed level for 9.4 sec.. It's impossible to go at Optima at more than 125 mph, compared to 130 mph max speed of Camry.

Safety of Kia Optima in comparison with Toyota Camry

Both vehicles are built with lots of safety checks. For Kia Optima, safety features became a vital stage of production, and Kia did the best for the time.Engineers realized Optima with passive and active safety in mind. The safety options of Toyota Camry are excellent for people outside. Motorists who look for safe driving often went for Toyota. In addition, Camry offers wonderful steering and breaking equipment for enlarged safety.

Which car is more Eco-friendly: Kia Optima or Toyota Camry

These days, a great deal of car owners look for ecological cars. Kia Optima exhausts 80 g/mile of CO2 emissions while Toyota Camry produces exactly 128 g/mile. These results make Camry a worse buy than Optima. Apparently, drivers have to consider engine capacity. Think of 134 bhp of motor capacity provided by Kia. 150 bhp motor is less ecological feature of Toyota.

Fuel consumption and efficiency of Kia Optima and Toyota Camry

Often, gas consumption is a really important feature when looking for a vehicle. Toyota Camry could only drive 32.78 mpg while Kia Optima expands this number to 59 mpg. Everyone may decide that Kia can save you more budgets than Toyota. 70 liters of gas allows owners to go quite a distance with Optima on a single fill. You can fill up to 70 liters when using a Camry. Also, view the positive ideas of the Toyota Camry, which are all shown by its 2362 cm3 engine. Owners of the Camry think it's more secure than the Optima. Anyway the Kia Optima can spare owners' money because the engine is only 1685 cm3.

Conclusion and opinions

You can't decide for sure if Kia Optima is really better than Toyota Camry. The vehicles are successful in sales. Think of Optima understanding 4 obvious pluses to purchase it, but remember about the 6 privileges of Camry. If you're a adorer of Kia, then you'll discover more drawbacks of Toyota, but try to be impartial when choosing between these cars.
*Specs may vary depending on configurations and year of production(taken parameters of last released versions)