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Type of Antifreeze for Citroen Visa. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Which How much
1.1 109K 1987 Green 7.5 liters
1986 Green 7.5 liters
1985 Green 7.5 liters
1984 Green 7.5 liters
1.4 150D(XY7) 1986 Green 6.5 liters
1985 Green 6.5 liters
1984 Green 6.5 liters
1.6 180A(XU5J) 1987 Green 6.6 liters
1986 Green 6.6 liters
1985 Green 6.6 liters
1.8 161A(XUD7) 1988 Green 7.5 liters
1987 Green 7.5 liters
1986 Green 7.5 liters
1985 Green 7.5 liters

For sufficient use of Citroen Visa you need to use suitable antifreeze. You should be careful at choosing liquids for Citroen especially for vehicles having 1.1 motor. Before choosing fluid note that engine code 161A(XUD7) and volume of 1.8 were installed to your car in 1988. To maintain cooling system you need 6.5 liters of Green coolant. For 1987 Visa engine it’s necessary to get normal temperature balance.

  • So, why Green is recommended to pour into 180A(XU5J) motors with 1.6 volume?

  • It’s only to denote characteristics with Green color, but you should remember to pour 6.6 liters of coolant.

  • Many drivers of Citroen Visa produced in 1986 are interested in colors of antifreeze.

Every Citroen owner should remember that engines with code 109K are quite demanding. Use your 1.8 engine longer in 1985 Visa by keeping these rules. Look at Citroen’s requirements and make your 1987 Visa serve longer and with no problem. So, don’t choose different from Green coolant and obey the number of 7.5 liters.

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