Last Update: May. 24, 2017, 5:57 a.m.
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Type of Antifreeze for Porsche Panamera. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Which How much
3.0 MCR.CC 2013 Blue
2012 Blue
2011 Blue
3.6 M46.20 2013 Blue
2012 Blue
2011 Blue
4.8 M48.40 2013 Blue
2012 Blue
2011 Blue
2010 Blue
2009 Blue
M48.70 2013 Red
2012 Red
2011 Red
2010 Red
2009 Red

It’s important to provide cooling for Porsche’s engine with 4.8 liters volume. There is no chance 2011 Panamera engine will work efficiently with bad cooling. Only exact type of antifreeze will suit Porsche Panamera cooling system. You may use code of motor MCR.CC and volume figure of 3.0 or just tell the 2013 year of production to buy liquid.

  • With 4.8 engines having M48.40 code it’s the best choice.

  • Earlier the color of antifreeze was important for 2010 Porsche Panamera drivers to predict structure.

  • It’s interesting that Blue type of antifreeze may help to avoid rusting in Porsche Panamera cooling system.

  • Red coolant which is now recommended for M48.70 code of motor meant a lot of toxic ethylene glycol.

Look at Porsche’s requirements and make your 2011 Panamera serve longer and with no problem. Produced in 2012 the 3.0 engine in Panamera model will serve longer by this. A lot of M46.20 motors are used long in Porsche cars but only with good service.

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