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Dimensions and Weight of Fiat Palio Weekend

FIAT Palio Weekend Touring

Exterior Year Length Width Height Wheelbase Weight Analytics
2000 4130 mm 1626 mm 1475 mm 2423 mm 1025 kg

1999 4130 mm 1626 mm 1475 mm 2423 mm 1025 kg
1998 4130 mm 1626 mm 1475 mm 2423 mm 1025 kg
1997 4130 mm 1626 mm 1475 mm 2423 mm 1025 kg

Compare it all to Fiat’s body height of 1475 mm. With it we can view that Palio Weekend is 1626 mm wide. Fiat produced its model Palio Weekend at the dimension of 4130 mm long. With the length of 4130 mm the wheelbase of the model is 2423 mm. Comparing all dimensions of 1997 Fiat Palio Weekend, you might have the overview of its temper and comfort. Put it all into 1025 kg of car weight.

  • In the model year of 2000 Palio Weekend appeared to be at average dimensions.

  • It’s about road stability that 1998 Palio Weekend doesn’t have big weight.

  • According to 1475 mm height and other figures 1025 kg of weight doesn’t seem to be much.

  • Anyway, such dimensions allow Fiat Palio Weekend to be economical and dynamic.

  • Well thought-out length at 4130 mm is accompanied by 1626 mm wide characteristics and solid wheelbase of 2423 mm.

  • It’s all purpose vehicle, so Fiat Palio Weekend brings you great comfort.

The motor power is also important considering 1025 kg weight and other dimensions of 1997 Palio Weekend. Read instructions of Fiat which give information on Palio Weekend behavior connecting it with 2423 mm of wheelbase. You should know that your car is 4130 mm long, 1626 mm wide and 1475 mm high.

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