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Dimensions and Weight of Ford StreetKa

StreetKa Roadster

Exterior Year Length Width Height Wheelbase Weight Analytics
2005 3650 mm 1696 mm 1332 mm 2448 mm 1136 kg

2004 3650 mm 1696 mm 1332 mm 2448 mm 1136 kg
2003 3650 mm 1696 mm 1332 mm 2448 mm 1136 kg

One can predict how comfortable 2005 Ford StreetKa is by comparing the dimensions. By this the width of the StreetKa was at 1696 mm. In 2004 Ford produced StreetKa with the overall length of 3650 mm. Watch the figure of 1136 kg overall weight to understand all dimensions. Ford vehicle provides 1332 mm height of body. By the overall length of 3650 mm the wheelbase stays at 2448 mm. Look also at 2448 mm of wheelbase appreciating overall 3650 mm body length.

  • Driving Ford StreetKa could be a bit unpleasant for a tall person.

  • It has the length at 3650 mm and is only 1696 mm wide, the wheelbase is also not long - 2448 mm.

  • Not weighing too much, 2004 StreetKa stays at class of light cars.

  • The vehicles weight at 1136 kg can’t be seen as big especially looking at its 1332 mm height.

  • You can’t call 2004 StreetKa really convenient and big.

  • But these characteristics give Ford StreetKa one advantage – low fuel consumption.

The motor power is also important considering 1136 kg weight and other dimensions of 2003 StreetKa. It’s better to understand all dimensions in complex: vehicle height at 1332 mm, length of 3650 mm and 1696 mm width. You can make Ford StreetKa more effective learning how to drive with the wheelbase of 2448 mm.

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