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Dimensions and Weight of Jeep Commander

Commander SUV

Exterior Year Length Width Height Wheelbase Weight Analytics
2008 4787 mm 1899 mm 1826 mm 2780 mm 2410 kg

2007 4787 mm 1899 mm 1826 mm 2780 mm 2410 kg
2006 4787 mm 1899 mm 1826 mm 2780 mm 2410 kg

Watch the figure of 2410 kg overall weight to understand all dimensions. The conveniences of Jeep Commander in 2007 model year is shown by the numbers. Compare it all to Jeep’s body height of 1826 mm. Jeep produced its model Commander at the dimension of 4787 mm long. By the overall length of 4787 mm the wheelbase stays at 2780 mm. Look also at 2780 mm of wheelbase appreciating overall 4787 mm body length. Also Commander has the width of body of 1899 mm.

  • Though the engine in Jeep Commander must be efficient and of great capacity, so consumption grows.

  • It’s thought that 2006 Commander shows the best efficiency thanks to heavy body.

  • In 2006 year of production Commander proves to be long and comfortable.

  • Great 4787 mm long body is 1899 mm in width and is carried by 2780 mm wheelbase.

  • Weighing 2410 kg it shows absolute road-holding ability with 1826 mm high body.

  • There are visible reasons to call Jeep Commander great choice for all kinds of drivers.

There is always a complex of data to be seen: 4787 mm of body length, 1899 mm in width and 1826 mm high vehicle. It’s important to understand connections between 2410 kg body weight of 2008 Commander and engine under the hood. Read instructions of Jeep which give information on Commander behavior connecting it with 2780 mm of wheelbase.

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