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What are Citroen C6 Emissions

C6 Sedan

Exterior Modification Euro emission standards CO2 HC+Nox CO HC Particles

2006 - 2012

2.2 HDi 16VEURO 4282 g/mile0.323 g/mile0.037 g/mile0.001
2.2 HDi 16V LignageEURO 4282 g/mile0.323 g/mile0.037 g/mile0.001
2.7 HDi V6EURO 4370 g/mile0.404 g/mile0.261 g/mile0.004
2.7 HDi V6 LignageEURO 4370 g/mile0.404 g/mile0.261 g/mile0.004
3.0 HDi V6EURO 5306 g/mile0.327 g/mile0.681 g/mile0.0001
3.0 V6EURO 4428 g/mile1.06 g/mile0.1 g/mile
3.0 V6 LignageEURO 4428 g/mile1.06 g/mile0.1 g/mile
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