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What are Mazda Tribute Emissions

Tribute SUV

Exterior Modification Euro emission standards CO2 HC+Nox CO HC Particles

2001 - 2004

2.0 GSI EURO 3 372 g/mile 1.554 g/mile 0.1 g/mile
2.0 GXi EURO 3 359 g/mile 1.551 g/mile 0.116 g/mile
3.0 V6 EURO 3 457 g/mile 0.547 g/mile 0.064 g/mile

For most owners of Mazda Tribute it might be interesting to know the emissions. One more point is that 1.551 g/mile of CO gas is produced while driving 2.0 GXi. Tribute stays in EURO 3 emissions standard.

  • If your Mazda’s engine has EURO 3 emissions standard, it’s hard to call Tribute ecological.

  • The standard EURO 3 was timely up to 2005, so 3.0 V6 is now quite harmful for ecology.

Be sure to buy Mazda 3.0 V6 if you agree with ecological impact of it. Your Mazda Tribute will always keep EURO 3, so make wise decision. If you drive Tribute, get to know its emissions.

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