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Ford Explorer Engine Displacement

Explorer SUV

Exterior Modification Size

1997 - 2001

4.0 North Face 4008 cc
4.0 XLT 4008 cc
4.0 4012 cc

It’s important that the motor with size 4008 cc is quite reliable and relatively cheap in repair for 4.0 North Face. There were produced lots of 4.0 North Face cars with motor size 4008 cc by Ford. The size of the engine in Explorer plays a major role for driving Ford. The satisfaction with 4012 cc size for Explorer depends on car weight and driving habits. This engine fulfills its tasks on 4.0 North Face completely and is quite wise decision of Ford.

  • It’s important to know that city and highway consumption in Explorer may be quite big with the size of 4008 cc.

  • These engines in Ford production are installed in lots of similar to 4.0 North Face cars.

  • If your Ford Explorer has the engine at size 4012 cc, it’s quite powerful and reliable.

Visiting service or buying the parts note that you possess 4008 cc engine of Explorer. This kind of motor can show good and bad sides in Ford 4.0. It’s the Ford’s engineers who decided to install engine at size 4008 cc.

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