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Recommended Type of Engine Oil for Lexus GS430. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Recommended oil How much (L.)
4.3 2008 Synthetic 5w30
2000 Synthetic 5w30
3UZ-FE 2007 Synthetic 5w30 5.2
2006 Synthetic 5w30 5.2
2005 Synthetic 5w30 5.2
2004 Synthetic 5w30 5.2
2003 Synthetic 5w30 5.2
2002 Synthetic 5w30 5.2
2001 Synthetic 5w30 5.2

To provide long efficient work for 4.3 motor in GS430 buy Synthetic 5w30 oil. The size of GS430 case is 5.2 liters. In 2005 the company Lexus used to install 4.3 engine in its cars. Better oil Lexus GS430 engine with needed quality. Use oil type Synthetic 5w30 for motors with code 3UZ-FE.

  • You might also note that 4.3 engine of Lexus is quite old – it’s year of origin is 2000.

  • Sometimes 5.2 liters don’t leave in case of Lexus GS430 until next service – it may show problems with engine.

  • So make sure you buy good Synthetic 5w30 oil for motor with code 3UZ-FE.

  • It’s high time to support your engine 3UZ-FE and pamper it with high quality Synthetic 5w30 oil.

  • Really almighty engine with 4.3 volume is a big plus of Lexus in 2008 year of production.

  • Lexus produced its 4.3 engine in 2006, so its not very recent.

  • By the time of 100 000 mileage Lexus GS430 may though start taking more than 5.2 liters of oil.

  • Big power of engine with model code 3UZ-FE ensures pleasant drive of Lexus GS430 but needs lots of fuel.

  • You may keep it in good condition by filling 5.2 liters of Synthetic 5w30 oil every 7500 miles.

With good technical work your Lexus with 4.3 motor will be really everlasting. It’s very important that 2004 Lexus GS430 receives great level of regular service. Good quality Synthetic 5w30 oil in amount of 5.2 liters will save your engine.

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