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Recommended Type of Engine Oil for Lexus LS460. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Recommended oil How much (L.)
4.6 2013 Synthetic 5w30
2012 Synthetic 5w30
2011 Synthetic 5w30
1UR-FSE 2010 Synthetic 5w30 8.6
2009 Synthetic 5w30 8.6
2008 Synthetic 5w30 8.6
2007 Synthetic 5w30 8.6
2006 Synthetic 5w30 8.6

If you want 4.6 motor in LS460 to serve you longer, purchase Synthetic 5w30 oil only. One of the popular Lexus’s engine in 2013 was 4.6 motor. Lexus LS460 really needs high quality motor oil. It has model code 1UR-FSE and is prepared to work with Synthetic 5w30 type of oil. During regular service of LS460 take 8.6 liters of engine oil.

  • With average mileage over 100 000 miles you’ll find Lexus LS460 taking a little oil, so buy more than 8.6 liters to add.

  • Really almighty engine with 4.6 volume is a big plus of Lexus in 2012 year of production.

  • It’s time to give good service and pour only Synthetic 5w30 oil to motors with code 1UR-FSE.

  • Classical technologies of 2010 are used in Lexus’s engine with 4.6 L of volume.

  • For every service by 8.6 liters of engine oil – don’t use other than Synthetic 5w30.

  • Quite recent technologies are used in 4.6 motor of Lexus produced in 2012.

  • Big power of engine with model code 1UR-FSE ensures pleasant drive of Lexus LS460 but needs lots of fuel.

It’s all about service quality when speaking about 4.6 Lexus’s motor life period. Just purchase 8.6 liters of good Synthetic 5w30 engine oil and protect you motor. Every engine likes to get recommended oil, 2007 Lexus LS460 isn’t an exception.

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