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How Much Horsepower and Kilowatts Does Ford Expedition Have

Expedition SUV

Exterior Modification Horsepower Kilowatts

1998 - 2001

Eddie Bauer 264 hp 194 kW
XLT 243 hp 179 kW

Ford’s attitude to the build of Expedition proves its efficiency. If you prefer Kilowatts, it can be transferred to 179 kW. It’s normal for Eddie Bauer to be driven with these figures. Ford decided to put 243 hp motor under the hood of Expedition. The Ford’s engine can keep consumption rate normal if Expedition stays without changes. You might note that ecological impact of XLT is fully defined by 243 hp capacity.

  • It’s important pro of XLT to have 243 hp under the hood.

  • It’s up to you to decide how to use all 194 kW.

Note that 243 hp or 179 kW are arranged for XLT weight and other features. It’s important that getting old the Ford becomes less powerful. You can check if Expedition keeps showing 243 hp output at service station.

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