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How Much Horsepower and Kilowatts Does Hyundai Tucson Have

Tucson SUV

Exterior Modification Horsepower Kilowatts

2004 - 2009

2.0 CDX 139 hp 102 kW
2.0 CRDi Premium 148 hp 109 kW
2.0 CRDi Style 148 hp 109 kW
2.0 CRTD CDX 111 hp 82 kW
2.0 CRTD GSI 111 hp 82 kW
2.0 CRTD Limited 138 hp 101 kW
2.0 CRTD Xenith 138 hp 101 kW
2.0 GSI 139 hp 102 kW
2.0 139 hp 102 kW
2.7 V6 CDX 173 hp 127 kW

You might make decision on ecological level of 2.0 CDX appreciating output of 139 hp. If you don’t make any changes with Tucson engine, your Hyundai will consume the amount of petrol as stated in documents. The producer of 2.0 CRTD CDX decides it’s enough for the car. Hyundai proved the effectiveness of the Tucson during testing. The engine with 173 hp output was installed in Hyundai Tucson. In other dimension it’s 102 kW output.

  • Owners say that Hyundai in model Tucson stays both efficient and economical.

  • The amount of 82 kW refers to quite old or small cars only.

  • It’s likely to be one of the all-purpose engine at 173 hp installed in 2.7 V6 CDX.

  • It’s quite great to have 102 kW under the hood.

  • On the road 2.0 CRTD GSI won’t show you much power with 111 hp engine.

Age and exploitation can reduce output of Hyundai’s engine. It all depends on weight, RPM, not only figure of 111 hp or 82 kW is important for 2.0 CRTD GSI. If Tucson shows less power than 139 hp you should consult the service.

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