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How Much Horsepower and Kilowatts Does Nissan Maxima QX Have

Maxima QX Sedan

Exterior Modification Horsepower Kilowatts

2000 - 2002

2.0 V6 SE+ 140 hp 103 kW
2.0 V6 SE 140 hp 103 kW
3.0 V6 SE+ 200 hp 147 kW

It can be also seen as 147 kW if appreciating Kilowatts. If you don’t make any changes with Maxima QX engine, your Nissan will consume the amount of petrol as stated in documents. In production tests Nissan Maxima QX with this engine appeared to be successful. The producer of 2.0 V6 SE+ decides it’s enough for the car. The engine with 140 hp output was installed in Nissan Maxima QX. The ecology features of 2.0 V6 SE are connected to the figure of 140 hp.

  • It’s quite great to have 103 kW under the hood.

  • The universal motor with 140 hp seems to be great choice for 2.0 V6 SE+.

You can check if Maxima QX keeps showing 200 hp output at service station. Ageing can take a couple of horsepowers off your Nissan. For 2.0 V6 SE is also important to have good RPM and appropriate weight for those 140 hp and 103 kW.

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