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How Much Horsepower and Kilowatts Does Nissan Skyline R33 Have

Skyline R33 Coupe

Exterior Modification Horsepower Kilowatts

1998 - 1999

2.6 Twin Turbo 280 hp 206 kW

For most owners it’s important to know that Nissan Skyline R33 has the engine power at 280 hp. The Nissan’s engine can keep consumption rate normal if Skyline R33 stays without changes. The producer of 2.6 Twin Turbo decides it’s enough for the car. It can be also seen as 206 kW if appreciating Kilowatts. You might note that ecological impact of 2.6 Twin Turbo is fully defined by 280 hp capacity. Nissan’s attitude to the build of Skyline R33 proves its efficiency.

  • You will surely like 280 hp in the motor of 2.6 Twin Turbo.

It’s useful to control Skyline R33 and check if it still provides 280 hp capacity. For 2.6 Twin Turbo is also important to have good RPM and appropriate weight for those 280 hp and 206 kW. Ageing can take a couple of horsepowers off your Nissan.

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