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How Much Horsepower and Kilowatts Does Volvo XC60 Have


Exterior Modification Horsepower Kilowatts

2008 to present

2.0 D3 163 hp 120 kW
2.4 D5 205 hp 151 kW
2.4D S 163 hp 120 kW
2.4D SE 163 hp 120 kW
2.4D 175 hp 129 kW
3.0 T6 304 hp 224 kW
D3 160 hp 118 kW
D4 160 hp 118 kW
D5 S 185 hp 136 kW
D5 SE 185 hp 136 kW
D5 205 hp 151 kW
T5 240 hp 177 kW
T6 R Design SE AWD 285 hp 210 kW
T6 R Design SE Premium AWD 285 hp 210 kW
T6 SE Premium 285 hp 210 kW
T6 SE 285 hp 210 kW
T6 299 hp 220 kW

The engine with 285 hp output was installed in Volvo XC60. The ecology features of 3.0 T6 are connected to the figure of 304 hp. In production tests Volvo XC60 with this engine appeared to be successful. If you don’t make any changes with XC60 engine, your Volvo will consume the amount of petrol as stated in documents. Thanks to the engine capacity D3 can be driven in normal modes. If you prefer Kilowatts, it can be transferred to 210 kW.

  • It’s important pro of T6 SE Premium to have 285 hp under the hood.

  • Owners say that Volvo in model XC60 stays both efficient and economical.

  • Choose to spare money on petrol with Volvo XC60 or ride fast and actively.

  • It’s quite great to have 118 kW under the hood.

  • It’s likely to be one of the all-purpose engine at 160 hp installed in D4.

  • It’s up to you to decide how to use all 151 kW.

For T6 SE Premium is also important to have good RPM and appropriate weight for those 285 hp and 210 kW. As soon as you notice under 240 hp in your XC60, contact the service. Ageing can take a couple of horsepowers off your Volvo.

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