Last Update: May. 24, 2017, 5:41 a.m.

Honda EV Plus Fuel Consumption

Year Modification Recommended fuel Consumption per year
1999 EV Plus Automatic Electricity 0L
1998 EV Plus Automatic Electricity 0L

If you drive Honda EV Plus made in 1998, it would be interesting to know how much petrol your car consumes. If the fuel consumption rate in your car is much different from those figures, you might need to contact the service. Note that you should use fuel type Electricity to achieve these results in consumption. Many motorists want to know how much petrol they will need pro year. On the average basis consumption per year will be quite like 0L.

  • If you have Honda EV Plus, only Electricity is needed to drive.

  • On average you’ll need 0L of fuel to drive the EV Plus with this engine.

  • The brand Honda provides all economic elements to lower consumption in EV Plus Automatic.

  • There is no problem in refilling batteries for 1999 EV Plus Automatic by yourself.

Take into account that if you buy EV Plus of the 1998 year, you might not get the initial figures. Too big consumption may show some troubles in engine system. Always check your figures of consumption for EV Plus Automatic and compare with initial data of the Honda.

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