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Which Bulbs Of Head Lamps For Chrysler Sebring.

Engine Engine code Year Base Type Power Voltage
2.0 ECD 2010 P20d HB3 60 W 12 V
2009 P20d HB3 60 W 12 V
2008 P20d HB3 60 W 12 V
2007 P20d HB3 60 W 12 V
2.4 2010 P43T 60/55 W 12 V
2009 P43T 60/55 W 12 V
2008 P43T 60/55 W 12 V
2007 P43T 60/55 W 12 V
2.7 EER 2010 P20d HB3 60 W 12 V
2009 P20d HB3 60 W 12 V
2008 P20d HB3 60 W 12 V
2002 P43T 60/55 W 12 V
2001 P43T 60/55 W 12 V

It’s better to buy top-grade lamps for Chrysler Sebring 2.7 to ensure normal lights work. When you drive Chrysler Sebring at dark time, you’ll certainly need front lights on. With this base type must be P20d and cap of lamp is HB3. Chrysler insists on installing only 60 W power of lamps and not more. Lots of Sebring owners admit that 12 V lamps tend to be less and less effective. Actually, cars with 2.7 motors produced by Chrysler sometimes need bulb change in headlights. Producer used in 2010 year of production quite effective bulbs for vehicles with ECD motor number.

The needed cap type should be only HB3, otherwise Chrysler made in 2009 won’t take the bulb. Though you may choose more than 60 W of real output sticking to lamps with 12 V voltage. Relieve the holder at back of Sebring head light module, all 2.4 engine cars are serviced like that. Installing P43T lamp by yourself can be hard for 2001 Sebring owners.

Don’t also try to put into 2008 Chrysler headlight wrong type – choose HB3 variant and P20d kind of base. Take into account all recommendations for 2001 Chrysler Sebring and drive safe enough. Caution is needed for Sebring with motor type 2.0 when replacing the light bulb. Capacity of the lamp on the pack should be 60 W and volt feature - 12 V.

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