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BMW X3 Engine Speed


Exterior Modification Revolutions

2004 to present

2.0d M Sport 4000 rpm
2.0d SE 4000 rpm
2.0d Sport 4000 rpm
2.0d xDrive M Sport 4000 rpm
2.0d xDrive SE Edition Premium 4000 rpm
2.0d xDrive SE Edition 4000 rpm
2.0d xDrive SE 4000 rpm
2.0D xDrive20d SE Edition Premium 4000 rpm
2.0D xDrive20d SE Edition 4000 rpm
2.0D xDrive20d SE 4000 rpm
2.0d 4000 rpm
2.0i M Sport 6200 rpm
2.0i SE 6200 rpm
2.0i Sport 6200 rpm
2.0i 6200 rpm
2.5 xDrive25i SE 6500 rpm
2.5i M Sport 6000 rpm
2.5i SE 6000 rpm
2.5i Sport 6000 rpm
2.5i xDrive M Sport 6500 rpm
2.5i xDrive SE 6500 rpm
2.5si M Sport 6500 rpm
2.5si SE 6500 rpm
3.0d M Sport 4000 rpm
3.0d SE 4000 rpm
3.0d Sport 4000 rpm
3.0d xDrive M Sport 4000 rpm
3.0d xDrive SE 4000 rpm
3.0D xDrive30d SE 4000 rpm
3.0D xDrive35d SE 4400 rpm
3.0i M Sport 5900 rpm
3.0i SE 5900 rpm
3.0i Sport 5900 rpm
3.0i xDrive M Sport 6650 rpm
3.0i xDrive SE 6650 rpm
3.0i xDrive30i SE 6650 rpm
3.0sd M Sport 4400 rpm
3.0sd SE 4400 rpm
3.0si M Sport 6650 rpm
3.0si SE 6650 rpm
3.5d xDrive M Sport 4400 rpm
3.5d xDrive SE 4400 rpm
xDrive18d M Sport 4000 rpm
xDrive18d SE 4000 rpm
xDrive20d Limited Sport Edition 4000 rpm
xDrive20d SE 4000 rpm

Rotating the engine in BMW 2.0i SE faster shortens the capacity and performance. The BMW outlines that optimum revolution rate for X3 is at 6650 rpm. The number is important to know for X3 when changing gears. Basing you driving habits for X3 on this point you will reduce consumption. By this you can understand at what RPM level xDrive18d M Sport will go most efficiently.

  • The important plus of 4400 rpm level is universal attitude to driving BMW.

  • Put into any gear you want in X3 and don’t bring harm to the motor.

  • The number of 6200 rpm can show that BMW’s engine in your car is quite powerful.

  • But beware of high consumption of 2.0D xDrive20d SE on small RPM level.

  • Even at top revolutions X3 will stay flexible.

  • You may save fuel in 3.0si SE driving under recommended level or speed up if you want.

Better keep up with BMW’s information on 3.0i xDrive M Sport and use best sides of your car. The optimal rotation at 4000 rpm provides its own pluses and minuses. The BMW X3 was thoroughly tested with its characteristics of RPM.

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