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Chrysler 300M Engine Speed

300M Sedan

Exterior Modification Revolutions

1998 - 2004

2.7i V6 LE 5900 rpm
2.7i V6 SE 5900 rpm
3.5i V6 LE 6450 rpm

The Chrysler outlines that optimum revolution rate for 300M is at 6450 rpm. The figure is especially useful for 300Mgearbox control. Your 2.7i V6 LE will go most effectively if you keep recommended RPM. Driving 300M at stated by company 5900 rpm you achieve maximum fuel economy. If you overcome the recommended mode, Chrysler 2.7i V6 LE will be less accelerating.

  • It gives you freedom driving the 300M and choosing gears.

  • The Chrysler’s engine in your car shows great flexible temper with 5900 rpm.

  • Though, the engine in 2.7i V6 SE might take too much petrol.

  • It’s only for fast accelerating Chrysler cars to have 6450 rpm engines under the hood.

The optimal rotation at 6450 rpm provides its own pluses and minuses. It’s important to note Chrysler’s advice for using 2.7i V6 LE to keep fuel bills smaller. Every car has its own purpose and Chrysler 300M is not an exception.

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