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Hyundai Elantra Engine Speed

Elantra Hatchback

Exterior Modification Revolutions

2001 - 2006

1.6 GSi 5800 rpm
2.0 CDX 6000 rpm

Elantra Sedan

Exterior Modification Revolutions

2001 - 2004

1.6 GSi 5800 rpm
2.0 CDX 6000 rpm

This figure helps you understand the character of 1.6 GSi according to RPM. The numbers show optimal petrol use for Elantra and driving style. Knowing RPM for Elantra motor helps choose right gears. If you overcome the recommended mode, Hyundai 2.0 CRTD GSi will be less accelerating. The Hyundai outlines that optimum revolution rate for Elantra is at 5800 rpm.

  • The figure of 5800 rpm gives your Hyundai quite good flexibility.

  • Only powerful Hyundai’s motors possess recommended rotations figure at 6000 rpm.

  • Nearly any gear in Elantra can cope with tasks.

  • The output is high in Elantra at every level including top RPM.

  • In sport mode you’ll constantly keep revolutions of 2.0 CDX motor near optimum.

  • But beware of high consumption of 2.0 CRTD GSi on small RPM level.

Use Hyundai’s advice in driving 1.6 GSi and make the best out of your vehicle. Though you can find good and bad sides in number of 6000 rpm. Hyundai insisted on such character of Elantra engine temper.

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