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Hyundai Sonata Engine Speed

Sonata Sedan

Exterior Modification Revolutions

2005 - 2010

2.0 CDX 6000 rpm
2.0 CRDi Style 3800 rpm
2.0 CRTD CDX 4000 rpm
2.0 Style 6200 rpm
2.4 Premium 6000 rpm
3.3 V6 CDX+ 6000 rpm

2001 - 2004

2.0 CDX 6000 rpm
2.7 V6 6000 rpm

1998 - 2001

2.0 CDX 6000 rpm
2.7 V6 6000 rpm

You still can rotate the Hyundai’s engine of 3.3 V6 CDX+ faster but with less output. Knowing RPM for Sonata motor helps choose right gears. It’s about fuel economy for Sonata and acceleration. The temper of Hyundai Sonata is predicted by rotations at optimal level of 6000 rpm. This figure helps you understand the character of 2.0 Style according to RPM.

  • Only powerful Hyundai’s motors possess recommended rotations figure at 6200 rpm.

  • The Hyundai’s engine in your car shows great flexible temper with 4000 rpm.

  • The output is high in Sonata at every level including top RPM.

  • One great thing of 3800 rpm level for Hyundai’s motor is quick acceleration.

  • Take the top speed of 3.3 V6 CDX+ in short time or spare fuel.

Use Hyundai’s advice in driving 2.4 Premium and make the best out of your vehicle. Every car has its own purpose and Hyundai Sonata is not an exception. The optimal rotation at 6000 rpm provides its own pluses and minuses.

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