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Mazda Tribute Engine Speed

Tribute SUV

Exterior Modification Revolutions

2001 - 2004

2.0 GSI 5300 rpm
2.0 GXi 5300 rpm
3.0 V6 6000 rpm

The RPM point is important in using 2.0 GXi on roads. Driving Tribute at stated by company 5300 rpm you achieve maximum fuel economy. Knowing RPM for Tribute motor helps choose right gears. During driving Mazda Tribute you should know that ordinary engine rotation rate is 5300 rpm. Don’t go over this mode, otherwise Mazda 2.0 GSI engine loses power.

  • Nearly any gear in Tribute can cope with tasks.

  • It’s only for fast accelerating Mazda cars to have 6000 rpm engines under the hood.

  • The Mazda’s engine in your car shows great flexible temper with 5300 rpm.

  • But beware of high consumption of 2.0 GXi on small RPM level.

Though you can find good and bad sides in number of 5300 rpm. The Mazda Tribute was thoroughly tested with its characteristics of RPM. Better keep up with Mazda’s information on 2.0 GXi and use best sides of your car.

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