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Nissan Cube Engine Speed

Cube Touring

Exterior Modification Revolutions

2010 - 2010

1.6 Kaizen 6000 rpm
1.6 LDN 6000 rpm
1.6 6000 rpm

The RPM point is important in using 1.6 on roads. Put into gears in Cube according to RPM recommended rate. Rotating the engine in Nissan 1.6 Kaizen faster shortens the capacity and performance. During driving Nissan Cube you should know that ordinary engine rotation rate is 6000 rpm. Basing you driving habits for Cube on this point you will reduce consumption.

  • Take the top speed of 1.6 in short time or spare fuel.

  • It’s only for fast accelerating Nissan cars to have 6000 rpm engines under the hood.

  • You can notice high capacity of Cube in any conditions.

There are still both pros and cons of 6000 rpm rate. It’s important to note Nissan’s advice for using 1.6 Kaizen to keep fuel bills smaller. Nissan insisted on such character of Cube engine temper.

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