Last Update: May. 28, 2017, 5:18 a.m.
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Which Toothed Drive Belt For Nissan Cube.

Engine Engine code Year Number of teeth Width Gap division Profile
1.5 K9K 2013 123 27 mm
2012 123 27 mm
2011 123 27 mm
2010 123 27 mm
2009 132 26 mm

You’ll though need exact dimensions of it in 1.5 engine for Cube. For any car including Nissan Cube timing belt is the most important part for gas grid. Wise decision is to buy Nissan’s factory timing belt for Cube 1.5 to service. In 2011 and motors having code K9K the company used usual belts. 123 of teeth are used in original part and it has 27 mm width.

  • Otherwise you won’t get your Nissan Cube 1.5 work well.

  • For small engines like 1.5 type of motor in Cube smaller belts were used.

  • On market you find lots of other belts with not 123 number of teeth, don’t buy them for 1.5 engine.

  • Small width of 27 mm is quite appropriate for Nissan made in 2012.

Check if your parts for service of 2012 Nissan Cube are of good quality. For 1.5 motor service in Nissan Cube you might buy lots of analog accessories. In any case go to other than 27 mm wide belt for K9K motor code.

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