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What is Chrysler 300M Motor Torque

300M Sedan

Exterior Modification Newton Meter Pound-Foot Rotations per Minute Kilogram Meter

1998 - 2004

2.7i V6 LE 256 N-m 189 lbs-ft 4900 rpm 26 kg-m
2.7i V6 SE 256 N-m 189 lbs-ft 4900 rpm 26 kg-m
3.5i V6 LE 340 N-m 251 lbs-ft 4000 rpm 35 kg-m

It may be more simply to look at the number as 189 lbs-ft which comes at 4900 rpm of the engine. If you compare figures in kilos per meter, it’s 26 kg-m of torque for 2.7i V6 SE. Torque of the Chrysler’s engine shows one of sides for 300M dynamic possibilities. A distinguished feature of Chrysler 300M is torque figure at 256 N-m.

  • If you buy Chrysler 300M, you choose optimum variant.

  • The dynamic features for 2.7i V6 SE are good enough thanks to torque of 256 N-m.

  • It’s near sport decision to put 340 N-m torque to 3.5i V6 LE.

  • Just keep your motor under or near 4900 rpm to achieve efficiency.

The driver should be aware that Chrysler 300M has the engine with nominal rotations at 4000 rpm. Have a look at what Chrysler says of ways for keeping 2.7i V6 LE efficient. Sometimes it’s not about 256 N-m or 189 lbs-ft torque but about driving habits.

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