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What is Jeep Compass Motor Torque

Compass SUV

Exterior Modification Newton Meter Pound-Foot Rotations per Minute Kilogram Meter

2007 - 2009

2.0 CRD Limited 310 N-m 229 lbs-ft 1750 rpm 31.6 kg-m
2.4 Limited 220 N-m 162 lbs-ft 4500 rpm 22 kg-m

It’s reached by 1750 rpm and can be transferred as 229 lbs-ft. A distinguished feature of Jeep Compass is torque figure at 310 N-m. Torque of the Jeep’s engine shows one of sides for Compass dynamic possibilities. In kilograms per meter it’s stated as 31.6 kg-m for 2.0 CRD Limited.

  • 2.4 Limited gets quite great torque at 220 N-m and drives dynamically.

  • Incredible torque of 310 N-m brings really great output for 2.0 CRD Limited.

You will drive your 2.0 CRD Limited efficiently enough if you keep the Jeep’s rules and advice. Sometimes it’s not about 310 N-m or 229 lbs-ft torque but about driving habits. Better keep recommended 4500 rpm mode when driving Jeep Compass.

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