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Ford Focus C-MAX Cargo Space

Focus C-MAX Touring

Exterior Year Cargo capacity Analytics
2009 550 liters

2008 550 liters
2007 550 liters
2006 550 liters
2005 550 liters
2004 550 liters
2003 550 liters

It’s not a problem to put in Focus C-MAX quite a big amount of luggage. You may find over 550 liters of space in Focus C-MAX having put down the back seat. You can use 550 liters capacity of trunk in Ford Focus C-MAX. The trunk shape of Ford’s design proves to be useful. These numbers were made by Ford in 2003 models during composing.

  • And note also that 2003 Ford may carry some additional cargo equipment.

  • Taking advantage of 550 liters space you may carry just anything with the Focus C-MAX.

  • Really huge Ford Focus C-MAX trunk provides you with all needed space.

But don’t forget about weight rules of 2005 Ford. It’s better not to load more than Ford Focus C-MAX can carry. The 550 liters of free space proves to be optimum in this Ford’s model.

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