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Ford Taunus Cargo Space

Taunus Sedan

Exterior Year Cargo capacity Analytics
1981 483 liters

1980 483 liters
1979 483 liters

Taunus Wagon

Exterior Year Cargo capacity Analytics
1981 943 liters

1980 943 liters
1979 943 liters

In 1980 it was decided by the Ford to provide these figures. In Ford Taunus you get 483 liters of free space in the trunk. It’s important that trunk arrangement of Ford is efficient. You also may put the back seat of Taunus down to receive more space than 943 liters. You may always put small shopping things in Taunus trunk.

  • Taking advantage of 483 liters space you may carry just anything with the Taunus.

  • Really huge Ford Taunus trunk provides you with all needed space.

  • To enlarge possibilities find some trailer suitable for 1980 Ford.

It’s optimal for Ford in this model to have 483 liters cargo capacity. But don’t forget about weight rules of 1981 Ford. It’s better not to load more than Ford Taunus can carry.

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