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Sizes of Tires and Rims for Mazda 3 (2009)

Modification Tire size Rim width Rim diameter Offset Size of lug nuts Number of nuts (PCD) Diameter (PCD) Centre bore diameter (DIA)

205/55 R16

205/50 R17

6.5" 16" 50mm 5 114.3mm 67.1mm

Choosing which rubber to purchase for Mazda 3 (2009) remember the size at 205/55 R16 205/50 R17. In production the vehicle was completed with rims 6.5" wide and with diameter of 16". If you buy not an original rim, choose 67.1mm of central bore and 114.3mm diameter of placing nuts.

  • Mazda 3 (2009) can easily hold the road with 16" diameter of rims.

Your new rim for 3 (2009) must be adjusted with 5 nuts and have 67.1mm central hole diameter.

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