Last Update: May. 26, 2017, 5:25 a.m.

Sizes of Tires and Rims for Pontiac G5

2007 year

Modification Tire size Rim width Rim diameter Offset Size of lug nuts Number of nuts (PCD) Diameter (PCD) Centre bore diameter (DIA)

195/60 R15

6.5" 15" 40mm 5 110mm 65.1mm

205/50 R17

7" 17" 35mm 5 110mm 65.1mm

Choose new tires and rims for Pontiac G5 to suit original characteristics. You may also need to know 110mm diameter of placing nuts and central bore dimension at 65.1mm. The most important figure for a driver is 15" rim dimension and also 6.5" width of the rim. It’s important to remember the figure of 195/60 R15 tire dimensions if you want to renew rubbers for Pontiac G5. If you choose new rims for 2.4L, remember the number of 35mm offset.

  • Huge and beautiful rims at 17" diameter add respect to Pontiac G5.

  • By the wheels of 15" diameter Pontiac G5 feels great on the road.

Your new rim for G5 must be adjusted with 5 nuts and have 65.1mm central hole diameter. If you put more than 17" wheels to your 2.4L, you may get more petrol consumption. You still need to be careful on Pontiac 2.4L with changed characteristics, so use 17" diameter wheels if you want safety.

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