Drawbacks Of Having A Hybrid Car - Are There Any?

You may know that hybrid cars have a lot of advantages for their owners. Like wonderful fuel economy, great dynamics, and good looks. But, do you know their disadvantages? Today we'll focus on the disadvantages of a hybrid car.

The main disadvantages of any hybrid cars that are being discussed in forums and blogs are as follows:


  1. Hybrid cars are more expensive than ordinary ones. The price is actually the main downside of a hybrid car. For example, the Honda Insight costs $4000 more than the regular Civic.
  2. The batteries in hybrid cars should be replaced after some time (you should search for reliable service centers to do that). And it's quite expensive, around $3,000-$4,000 at the dealership. Or even more, if you have a Lexus or an Infiniti vehicle, for example.
  3. The hybrid engines are more complex than the ones in ordinary cars. This means that you will need to take your car to the garage more often than usual. And that's not good news for an ordinary driver. Also, the cost of maintenance will be much higher for a hybrid vehicle.
  4. Once your hybrid vehicle brakes along the road, you should think about towing. It's a huge problem because the nearest service station may be hundreds of miles away.


But still, you save your money with hybrids because their fuel economy is better than in ordinary cars. So many people still opt to be hybrids and enjoy lower consumption.

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