What Are Control Arm Bushings on a Car?

Control arm bushings are rubber or rubber-like pieces that are in the shape of a "U". They connect the control arms to the frame or suspension of a vehicle. The purpose is to act as a cushion between the hard metal of the suspension and the frame.

On most cars, there are four control arm bushings per side - two for each front wheel. They are located at both ends of the control arms so they can provide cushioning for both wheels.

Over time, these bushings deteriorate due to their exposure to water, road grime, oil, etc. This causes them to become hard and brittle. As the bushing end becomes increasingly fragile, it creates an unsafe driving environment by providing enough cushioning during normal driving, but not enough support during more strenuous or violent movement. This can cause broken suspension parts and result in an accident.

Control arm bushing replacement is one of the common preventative maintenance jobs to be done on cars.

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