What Does GT Mean On A Car?

GT stands for Grand Touring or Grand Turismo. For different vehicle brands, it may mean a different thing.

For example, Mazda uses GT to mark their best trims, like Mazda 3 GT. For Hyundai, GT means hatchback version of original sedan cars, like Elantra GT.

The term comes from Italy, where it was first used to describe sports cars and racing cars.

Today, GT means a sportier version of some model.

The GT versions often have more horsepower than other trims, but also better handling and improved brakes.

Currently, many automakers offer some kind of sporty trim level on their models which they call GT versions. Such cars are not only designed for sheer speed but for driving thrill as well.

Generally speaking, GT means something between a luxurious vehicle and a sports car.

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