What Does xDrive Mean in BMW?

For BMW cars, the xDrive system is a technical term to describe the car's all-wheel-drive system. It is not an acronym, as you might have expected.

BMW cars with xDrive are equipped for driving on all kinds of roads, in any weather condition. For instance, if BMW drivers are traveling up a steep hill that is covered with snow or ice, they're safer with xDrive. This doesn't mean that the car can magically make its way up impossible roads - it just means that its all-wheel-drive improves stability and steering performance on difficult surfaces.

The brake force distribution between front and rear wheels also becomes more predictable when braking. The car's handling will remain safe even after sudden evasive maneuvers at high speeds.

It's obviously not the most capable off-road system in the world, but many drivers still say that it's a good alternative to standard front-wheel-drive cars.

The xDrive concept has been used in many BMW models, not just SUVs. You can even buy a sedan car with an xDrive option for better handling and wonderful road stability.

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