What Happens If You Put Too Much Oil In Your Car?

The short answer is that you'll probably never notice, but there could be consequences down the line.

The long answer is that it sure depends on how much oil you put in your car and what kind of car you're driving. Putting too much oil into an engine can harm parts like piston rings or valves. The catalytic converter is also at risk. If this excess oil makes its way to the combustion chamber, then it can affect the ignition process, causing poor gas mileage and emissions problems.

Just like too little oil in an engine can cause big problems, putting too much oil in a car is equally detrimental. Overlubricating your car's engine puts wear and tear on parts that weren't designed to work with such high quantities of lubricant.

If you notice the excessive amount of oil in the engine, it’s best to seek assistance from a professional as soon as possible. Just drain some oil and ensure the oil level is within the manufacturer's specifications.



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