What Is a Wiring Harness in a Car?

A wiring harness is a group of wires and cables that are bundled together inside the car. Their main purpose is to enable communication between all systems, so if something malfunctions it usually means there's a problem with the circuitry. To give you an example: your brake lights don't work? It might be as simple as a faulty connection somewhere in the harness. That said, when talking about automotive wiring harnesses, most people are referring to the main circuit responsible for connecting power to everything else in the car.

The wiring harness is an extremely important component of the car because all systems rely on it to function properly. If there are problems with the harness, then the entire car will be affected by it. When you have troubles with a vehicle, the first thing you should check is the wiring harness, because it's very common for one of its components to be damaged.

Sometimes, the damage is caused by environmental factors, such as spilled liquids or excessive heat exposure. It can also happen due to improper use, like something getting wrapped around part of the car. If you see any problems with the wires or connectors, then usually a visit to the service station is necessary.

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