What Kind Of Car Is Lightning Mcqueen?

Lightning McQueen is a race car. It's hard to say  what kind of race car he is because there are many different types of cars that people race. There are stock cars, sports cars, and Formula One racing cars. Each type of car is designed for a different kind of road racing course.

Lighting McQueen is a stock car (also called an "open-wheel car"). These race on ovals or roads courses like the one in California where Lightning McQueen competes in the Piston Cup Race.

The particular type of stock car that Lightning McQueen races is called a "Cup Car". This name comes from the fact that these cars race in NASCAR's top series which was formerly known as the Winston Cup 1971-2003 and then briefly as the Nextel Cup 2003-2007. Lightning McQueen is painted to resemble a car sponsored by Interstate Batteries.



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