What Kind of the First Car Should I Get?

Your first car should be one you can afford to buy and insure for a reasonable price. The car should be reliable, practical, and easy to repair if necessary. It must also be fast enough to get you into trouble but slow enough that you do not go over the speed limit too often.

It's no secret that new drivers are some of the most dangerous drivers on the road today, statistics prove it time and again with young male drivers accounting for nearly a quarter of all major accidents. So you'll want a vehicle that is forgiving in the event of a mishap.

This is where we would start when searching for a first vehicle:

1) Practicality - this includes having enough room for passengers and cargo

2) Reliability - it has to last you a while with little maintenance

3) Cost - mainly insurance, but also affordability

4) Speed - slow enough to not get a speeding ticket every time you drive, fast enough to have fun.

Among examples, we may come up with Ford Fiesta SE or Chevy Sonic, Hyundai Accent or KIA Rio, KIA Forte, or Chevy Cruze. Whatever you choose, you'll be glad. These cars aren't big, they are still comfortable and reliable, they aren't expensive to buy and maintain.

But we should point out that the actual choice depends much on your financial status and personal preferences. Be sure to test drive some cars before you come up with the ideal decision for you.

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