What To Do After A Car Accident: Not Your Fault?

After a car accident, you are certainly overwhelmed by many questions. But the very first thing to do is obvious: you must immediately call the police. Without this essential step, you may end up without the means to prove that it was not at all your fault and lose all rights to financial compensation! Another important tip after a car accident is to maintain emotional control. Don't start accusing anyone of having caused the accident as this may lead to an escalation of tensions.

Make sure that there are no people who require medical care, especially children. If someone appears to be injured, you should immediately call the emergency services. Meanwhile, it's important to note down any possible witnesses' contact details so that you can ask them about what they have seen or heard during or after the accident.

When it comes to your own injuries, if they are not too serious and do not require immediate medical attention, you should go with them in the ambulance for a check-up at the hospital ER just in case.

Also, it would be a good decision to inform your insurance company about the accident and let them know that you were involved in a car crash.



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