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What is Better Alfa Romeo Giulietta or Audi S5?

Comparing Alfa Romeo Giulietta with Audi S5 will help drivers make it clear which model is more efficient. We came up with 3 factors to purchase Alfa Romeo Giulietta - it's winning Audi S5, according to the specs. Also, Audi S5 provides 10 strong pluses that turn it into great purchase instead of Alfa Romeo Giulietta. By examining the most important characteristics, our team revealed evident differences of Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Audi S5. So we suggest that visitors compare two cars and make up your mind which model you'd want to buy. Giulietta was produced by Alfa Romeo to win contestants in the class. Though take into account that S5 includes the unique developments of Audi. Which of the contestants in our review would you choose?


Alfa Romeo Giulietta Audi S5

3 reasons to buy Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Less CO2 emissions 93 g/mile vs 136 g/mile 46% or 43 g/mile
Other specs
Less weight 1280 kg vs 1755 kg 37% or 475 kg Weight of the vehicle affects: fuel consumption, acceleration dynamic, braking distance, etc.
Less turning radius 10.9 meters vs 11.40 meters 5% or 0.5 meters

10 reasons to buy Audi S5

Engine and transmission
More cylinders 6 vs 4 2 more cylinders. The more cylinders = the less vibration and the engine runs more smoothly.
More valves per cylinder 16 vs 4 12 more valves per cylinder. The more valves = the better combustion of the fuel.
More engine power

333 bhp vs 120 bhp

242 kw. vs 88 kw.

64% or 213 bhp. More power of car = more top speed.
More torque 440 nM vs 206 nM 53% or 234 nM. More torque = faster acceleration.
Faster acceleration from 0 to 60 mph 5.40 sec. vs 9.4 sec. 4 sec.
More top speed 155 mph vs 121 mph 34 mph
Fuel consumption
Less fuel consumption (Combined cycle) 28.99 mpg vs 44.11 mpg 52% or 15.12 mpg
Less fuel consumption (Highway) 40 mpg vs 53.27 mpg 33% or 13.27 mpg
Less fuel consumption (City) 21 mpg vs 33.62 mpg 60% or 12.62 mpg
Weight and capacity
More maximum towing weight with brakes 2100 kg vs 1300 kg 38% or 800 kg

Neutral reasons Alfa Romeo Giulietta vs. Audi S5

Engine and transmission
Engine speed (RPM) 5000 RPM vs 5500 RPM 9% or 500 less rpms.
Engine capacity 1368 cm3 vs 2995 cm3 54% or 1627 cm3 less
Turbocharging Yes vs Yes
Speeds 6 vs 7 1 less
Length 4351 mm vs 4713 mm 8% or 362 mm shorter
Width 1798 mm vs 1854 mm 3% or 56 mm narrower
Height 1465 mm vs 1382 mm 6% or 83 mm higher
Wheels and tires
Wheelbase 2634 mm vs 2811 mm 6% or 177 mm less
Front tires size 205/55 R16 vs 245/40R18
Rear tires size 205/55 R16 vs 245/40R18
*Specs may vary depending on configurations and year of production(taken parameters of last released versions)