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What is Better Alfa Romeo Mito or Infiniti FX?

Comparing Alfa Romeo Mito with Infiniti FX will help you make it clear which model is better.We found 3 ideas to choose Alfa Romeo Mito its winning Infiniti FX, according to these cases. Infiniti FX also has got 16 reasons to buy it rather than Alfa Romeo Mito. Our team gathered data about the cars to present a pure match of Infiniti FX and Alfa Romeo Mito. It will help you choose the better option compare two cars before buying.Mito provides all the classical pluses of Alfa Romeo. Car owners say that actually did everything to turn FX into a great leader. The thorough match cant form any doubts about buying a model.


Alfa Romeo Mito Infiniti FX

3 reasons to buy Alfa Romeo Mito

Less CO2 emissions 90 g/mile vs 175 g/mile 94% or 85 g/mile
More standard warranty - Mileage 994406 miles vs 62150 miles 94% or 932256 miles
Other specs
Less weight 1145 kg vs 1504 kg 31% or 359 kg Weight of the vehicle affects: fuel consumption, acceleration dynamic, braking distance, etc.

16 reasons to buy Infiniti FX

Engine and transmission
More cylinders 6 vs 4 2 more cylinders. The more cylinders = the less vibration and the engine runs more smoothly.
Better compression 11.0 vs 9.8 11% or 1.2 . The greater degree of compression = the less fuel need to produce the same power.
Piston diameter larger 95.5 mm vs 72 mm 25% or 23.5 mm larger. The larger diameter of cylinder = the greater filling ratio. Cons: increase emissions of toxic substances.
Piston stroke longer 86 mm vs 84 mm 2% or 2 mm. The longer stroke = lower fuel consumption and fewer emissions.
More engine power

320 bhp vs 120 bhp

235 kw. vs 88 kw.

63% or 200 bhp. More power of car = more top speed.
More torque 360 nM vs 206 nM 43% or 154 nM. More torque = faster acceleration.
Faster acceleration from 0 to 60 mph 6.8 sec. vs 8.8 sec. 2 sec.
More top speed 145 mph vs 123 mph 22 mph
Fuel consumption
Less fuel consumption (Combined cycle) 23.39 mpg vs 46.27 mpg 98% or 22.88 mpg
Less fuel consumption (Highway) 29.99 mpg vs 56.46 mpg 88% or 26.47 mpg
Less fuel consumption (City) 16.8 mpg vs 34.91 mpg 108% or 18.11 mpg
Higher european emission standard EURO 5 vs EURO 4 1 generation
Weight and capacity
More minimum boot capacity 410 liters vs 270 liters 34% or 140 liters
More capacity of fuel tank 90 liters vs 45 liters 50% or 45 liters
More warranty against corrosion 12 years vs 8 years 33% or 4 years
Other specs
Less turning radius 11.2 meters vs 11.3 meters 1% or 0.1 meters

Neutral reasons Alfa Romeo Mito vs. Infiniti FX

Engine and transmission
Engine speed (RPM) 5000 RPM vs 7000 RPM 29% or 2000 less rpms.
Engine capacity 1368 cm3 vs 3696 cm3 63% or 2328 cm3 less
Cylinders location In line vs V6
Fuel supply Fuel injection with turbocharging vs Distributor fuel injection
Turbocharging Yes vs Yes
Speeds 5 vs 7 2 less
Length 4063 mm vs 4865 mm 16% or 802 mm shorter
Width 1720 mm vs 1925 mm 11% or 205 mm narrower
Height 1446 mm vs 1680 mm 14% or 234 mm lower
Wheels and tires
Wheelbase 2511 mm vs 2885 mm 13% or 374 mm less
Front tires size 195/55 R16 vs 265/50 R20
Rear tires size 195/55 R16 vs 265/50 R20
Type of wheels 16" steel vs 20" alloy wheels
*Specs may vary depending on configurations and year of production(taken parameters of last released versions)