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What is Better Audi Q7 or BMW X5?

Comparing Audi Q7 with BMW X5 might help buyers decide which model is better. We came up with 11 ideas to choose Audi Q7 - it's beating BMW X5, according to these points. Though BMW X5 also has got many advantages: get to know 10 ideas why it's better than Audi Q7. We summed up info about the cars to present a full match of BMW X5 and Audi Q7. Compare speed or fuel consumption, look at size, and conveniently compare two cars. Q7 was built by Audi to outperform competitions in the sphere. After summarizing all the specs, you'll quickly understand which model to purchase.


Audi Q7 BMW X5

11 reasons to buy Audi Q7

Engine and transmission
Piston diameter larger 89 mm vs 84 mm 6% or 5 mm larger. The larger diameter of cylinder = the greater filling ratio. Cons: increase emissions of toxic substances.
Piston stroke longer 96.4 mm vs 90 mm 7% or 6.4 mm. The longer stroke = lower fuel consumption and fewer emissions.
Fuel consumption
Less fuel consumption (Highway) 28.82 mpg vs 39.8 mpg 38% or 10.98 mpg
Less fuel consumption (City) 15.9 mpg vs 26.91 mpg 69% or 11.01 mpg
Weight and capacity
More minimum boot capacity 775 liters vs 620 liters 20% or 155 liters
More maximum trunk space 2035 liters vs 1750 liters 14% or 285 liters
More capacity of fuel tank 100 liters vs 85 liters 15% or 15 liters
More maximum allowable weight 3030 kg vs 2790 kg 8% or 240 kg
More maximum bearing capacity 795 kg vs 680 kg 14% or 115 kg
Other specs
Less turning radius 12 meters vs 12.8 meters 7% or 0.8 meters
More seats 7 vs 5 2

10 reasons to buy BMW X5

Engine and transmission
Better compression 17.0 vs 12 29% or 5 . The greater degree of compression = the less fuel need to produce the same power.
More engine power

286 bhp vs 280 bhp

210 kw. vs 206 kw.

2% or 6 bhp. More power of car = more top speed.
More torque 580 nM vs 360 nM 38% or 220 nM. More torque = faster acceleration.
Faster acceleration from 0 to 60 mph 7 sec. vs 8.5 sec. 1.5 sec.
More top speed 146 mph vs 143 mph 3 mph
Fuel consumption
Less fuel consumption (Combined cycle) 34.01 mpg vs 22.2 mpg 35% or 11.81 mpg
Less CO2 emissions 137 g/mile vs 189 g/mile 38% or 52 g/mile
Weight and capacity
More maximum towing weight with brakes 3500 kg vs 3200 kg 9% or 300 kg
More standard warranty - Mileage 994406 miles vs 62150 miles 94% or 932256 miles
Other specs
Less weight 2110 kg vs 2235 kg 6% or 125 kg Weight of the vehicle affects: fuel consumption, acceleration dynamic, braking distance, etc.

Neutral reasons Audi Q7 vs. BMW X5

Engine and transmission
Engine speed (RPM) 6200 RPM vs 4400 RPM 29% or 1800 more rpms.
Engine capacity 3597 cm3 vs 2993 cm3 17% or 604 cm3 more
Cylinders location V6 vs In line
Camshaft DOHC vs DOHC
Fuel supply Distributor fuel injection vs COMMON RAIL
Turbocharging Yes vs Yes
Length 5086 mm vs 4854 mm 5% or 232 mm shorter
Width 1983 mm vs 1933 mm 3% or 50 mm wider
Height 1737 mm vs 1776 mm 2% or 39 mm lower
Wheels and tires
Wheelbase 3002 mm vs 2933 mm 2% or 69 mm more
Front tires size 255/55 R18 vs 275/40 R20
Rear tires size 255/55 R18 vs 315/35 R20
Spare wheel Compact vs flat tires
Type of wheels 18" alloy wheels vs 20" alloy wheels

Comparison of Audi Q7 and BMW X5: conclusions and opinions

When drivers look at Audi Q7 and BMW X5 and think of all the specs, it's hard to make an instant conclusion. This comparison will provide more information and will assist with your purchase. We formed the information about BMW X5 and Audi Q7 in sections that are convenient to read and compare.

General Review of BMW X5 vs. Audi Q7

There are really big and small distinctions in these two vehicles. There was a time when BMW shipped quite a lot of X5 vehicles. Sometimes, drivers still purchased the Q7 built by Audi. Begin with matching sizes. BMW X5 weighs 2110 kg and is 4854 mm in length, 1933 mm wide, and 1776 mm high. Match it with 1737 mm of height, 1983 mm of width, and 5086 mm of length of Audi Q7. It's 2235 kg in weight. Eventually, look at wheelbases, which are 2933 mm vs. 3002 mm for BMW X5 and Audi Q7 respectively.

We want to compare the main specs of the cars. There are 6 cylinders in the motor of BMW X5, giving drivers 286 bhp of output. There's a 6-cylinder engine in Audi Q7 with average of 280 bhp of power. Our winner guarantees a quick driving privileges, as Audi Q7 goes to 60 miles per hour for 8.5 sec. while BMW X5 makes the same for 7 sec.. Also, pay attention to the top speed of 146 mph for X5 and compare it to 143 mph for Q7.

Safety of Audi Q7 in comparison with BMW X5

For both companies, safe driving became a primary factor when building cars. Audi Q7 offers all the safety options of Audi. Producer built Q7 with passive and active safety in mind. BMW X5 offers wonderful safety for pedestrians. The vehicle was actually a reviews winner and made BMW popular. Also, drivers admit that X5 provides great breaking.

Which car is more Eco-friendly: BMW X5 or Audi Q7

While buying a car, buyers want to understand if it's ecology friendly. BMW X5 blows out 137 g/mile of CO2 emissions while Audi Q7 shows near 189 g/mile. These numbers make Q7 a worse purchase than X5. Owners to consider which engine types provide more exhaust. Compare 286 bhp of capacity given by BMW. Audi reduced its to 280 bhp.

Fuel consumption and efficiency of BMW X5 and Audi Q7

It's also important how many kilometers your car reaches 1 gallon of gas. This figure is about 34.01 mpg for BMW X5 and it increases to 22.2 mpg for Audi Q7. This reveals that Audi didn't pay much efforts to gas unlike BMW.Also, X5 proposes to go with a full petrol tank, which is 85 liters. Owners can charge up to 100 liters when having a Q7. Also, consider the positive ideas of the Audi Q7, which are actually given by its 3597 cm3 motor. The Q7 appears to have a longer lifetime than the X5. But having the BMW X5 with its 2993 cm3 engine may actually help rescue the nature and the ecosystem.

Conclusion and opinions

It's hard to know if BMW X5 takes a lead in competition with Audi Q7. The vehicles are successful in sales. X5 provides 10 visible pluses but Q7 also obtains 11 Important excellences. Audi and BMW continue to be competitors, but they occupy diverse market segments.
*Specs may vary depending on configurations and year of production(taken parameters of last released versions)