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What is Better BMW 3-Series or Peugeot 508?

Making a choice between Peugeot 508 vs BMW 3-Series could become uneasy, so it's time to make comparison of the models. Our research shows 0 points which make BMW 3-Series more sensible than Peugeot 508. But Peugeot 508 also has some pluses: look at 0 points why it's better than BMW 3-Series. We gathered info about the cars to present a pure comparison of Peugeot 508 with BMW 3-Series. So we propose you compare two cars and make up your mind which model you'd like to buy. 3-Series was built by BMW to outperform contestants in the sphere. But 508 is uneasy to see as an inferior car, as Peugeot gave out a great deal of money in the project. Which of the cars in our comparison would you buy?


BMW 3-Series Peugeot 508
*Specs may vary depending on configurations and year of production(taken parameters of last released versions)