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What is Better BMW 5-Series or Ferrari F50?

Comparing BMW 5-Series with Ferrari F50 can help you decide which car is better. You can see 1 vital ideas why BMW 5-Series is undoubtedly a more advantageous buy than Ferrari F50. Ferrari F50 anyway shows 3 reasons to buy it instead of BMW 5-Series. By comparing the most valuable features, our team came up with the main distinctions between BMW 5-Series and Ferrari F50. Choose speed or horse powers, measure dimensions, and comfortably compare two cars. BMW did a lot to present 5-Series as the most worthwhile model in its class.


BMW 5-Series Ferrari F50

1 reason to buy BMW 5-Series

Engine and transmission
More engine power

552 bhp vs 513 bhp


7% or 39 bhp. More power of car = more top speed.

3 reasons to buy Ferrari F50

Engine and transmission
More cylinders 12 vs 8 4 more cylinders. The more cylinders = the less vibration and the engine runs more smoothly.
Faster acceleration from 0 to 60 mph 3.6 sec. vs 4.2 sec. 0.6 sec.
More top speed 202 mph vs 155 mph 47 mph

Neutral reasons BMW 5-Series vs. Ferrari F50

Engine and transmission
Engine capacity 4395 cm3 vs 4700 cm3 6% or 305 cm3 less
Fuel supply With a twin-turbocharged vs Multi-point injection fuel
Turbocharging Yes vs Yes
Speeds 7 vs 6 1 more
Length 4910 mm vs 4480 mm 9% or 430 mm shorter
Width 1891 mm vs 1986 mm 5% or 95 mm narrower
Height 1456 mm vs 1120 mm 23% or 336 mm higher
Wheels and tires
Wheelbase 2964 mm vs 2580 mm 13% or 384 mm more
*Specs may vary depending on configurations and year of production(taken parameters of last released versions)