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What is Better BMW Alpina or Mazda MX-3?

Comparing BMW Alpina with Mazda MX-3 may help buyers make it clear which vehicle is more efficient. Our comparison finds 7 reasons which make BMW Alpina more effective than Mazda MX-3. For a lot of buyers, Mazda MX-3 may still become a more suitable purchase than BMW Alpina because it shows 2 ideas of it. By looking at the most valuable specs, we found evident distinctions between BMW Alpina and Mazda MX-3. Choose steering or efficiency, measure size, and conveniently compare two cars. Alpina provides all the usual pluses of BMW. Nevertheless Mazda doesn't fall behind and presents its best developments in MX-3. After summarizing all the data, you'll easily decide which car to purchase.


BMW Alpina Mazda MX-3

7 reasons to buy BMW Alpina

Engine and transmission
More engine power

200 bhp vs 109 bhp

147 kw. vs

46% or 91 bhp. More power of car = more top speed.
Faster acceleration from 0 to 60 mph 7.4 sec. vs 10.2 sec. 2.8 sec.
More top speed 145 mph vs 112 mph 33 mph
Fuel consumption
Less fuel consumption (Combined cycle) 47.87 mpg vs 39.33 mpg 18% or 8.54 mpg
Less CO2 emissions 97 g/mile vs 122 g/mile 26% or 25 g/mile
Higher european emission standard EURO 4 vs EURO 2 2 generations
Weight and capacity
More capacity of fuel tank 61 liters vs 50 liters 18% or 11 liters

2 reasons to buy Mazda MX-3

Other specs
Less weight 1060 kg vs 1460 kg 38% or 400 kg Weight of the vehicle affects: fuel consumption, acceleration dynamic, braking distance, etc.
Less turning radius 10 meters vs 11.1 meters 11% or 1.1 meters

Neutral reasons BMW Alpina vs. Mazda MX-3

Engine and transmission
Engine capacity 1995 cm3 vs 1598 cm3 20% or 397 cm3 more
Fuel supply COMMON RAIL vs Injector
Turbocharging Yes vs Yes
Speeds 6 vs 5 1 more
Length 4520 mm vs 4200 mm 7% or 320 mm shorter
Width 1817 mm vs 1695 mm 7% or 122 mm wider
Height 1413 mm vs 1310 mm 7% or 103 mm higher
Wheels and tires
Wheelbase 2760 mm vs 2455 mm 11% or 305 mm more

Comparison of BMW Alpina and Mazda MX-3: conclusions and opinions

To look at Mazda MX-3 and BMW Alpina easy, our team made a decision to come to a common comparison. The most prominent specs are touched in this review. We organized the information about Mazda MX-3 and BMW Alpina in tables that are convenient to look through and compare.

General Review of BMW Alpina vs. Mazda MX-3

It's vital to see all characteristics and conclude which car is better. It's obvious that Alpina was produced by BMW to become one of the market winners. But Mazda with its MX-3, also gives great opportunities and takes a lead in some situations. Begin with matching dimensions. BMW Alpina weighs 1460 kg; it's 4520 mm long, its width is 1817 mm, and height is 1413 mm. Compare it with 1310 mm of height, 1695 mm of width, and 4200 mm of length of Mazda MX-3. Also consider weight, which is 1060 kg for this vehicle. Looking at wheelbase, BMW Alpina has 2760 mm while Mazda MX-3 has 2455 mm of base length.

Everyone wants to look at engine specs. The total capacity of BMW Alpina engine is 200 bhp, and it possesses 4 cylinders. For Mazda MX-3, its 4 cylinders motor gives 109 bhp of output. Our leader provides a rapid motion experience, as Mazda MX-3 speeds up to 60 mph for 10.2 sec. while BMW Alpina reaches the same for 7.4 sec.. Also, think about the maximum speed of 145 mph for Alpina and compare it to 112 mph for MX-3.

Safety of BMW Alpina in comparison with Mazda MX-3

These vehicles are ranked to be really safe. The new set of options of BMW defends owners and passengers in BMW Alpina. Different tests agree that Alpina is a safe vehicle. Mazda MX-3 offers optimal safety for pedestrians. Drivers of Mazda often write in reviews that It's a very safe car. Articles say a lot about MX-3 active safety options.

Which car is more Eco-friendly: BMW Alpina or Mazda MX-3

While buying a car, buyers want to understand if it's eco-friendly. For Mazda MX-3, the exhaust includes about 122 g/mile of CO2, this goes down to 97 g/mile if you take BMW Alpina. This proves that Alpina concerns more about the environment than MX-3. Engines state if a vehicle is good with nature. Consider BMW: its model proposes 200 bhp of power.At the same time, Mazda offers 109 bhp, which creates a distinction.

Fuel consumption and efficiency of BMW Alpina and Mazda MX-3

Car owners are really concerned about the liters of petrol their vehicle consumes. BMW Alpina allows 47.87 mpg while Mazda MX-3 shows fuel take at 39.33 mpg. Everyone may make conclusion that BMW may economize you more money than Mazda. It's quite important that 61 liters of petrol can be added into Alpina. It will need around 50 liters to charge the tank of MX-3. By taking more petrol, the Mazda MX-3 guarantees all the positive features of a 1598 cm3 . The MX-3 seems to show a lifespan than the Alpina. The engine of the 1995 cm3 guarantees owners saving money while having the BMW Alpina.

Conclusion and opinions

One can't say for 100% if BMW Alpina is really better than Mazda MX-3. The vehicles are popular on the market. But according to our rating, it's 7 to 2 when estimating the advantages of Alpina and MX-3.
*Specs may vary depending on configurations and year of production(taken parameters of last released versions)