Last Update: May. 23, 2017, 5:48 a.m.
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Type of Antifreeze for Peugeot 107. How Much Do You Need

Engine Engine code Year Which How much
1.0 1KR (384F) 2012 Red 4 liters
2011 Red 4 liters
2010 Red 4 liters
2009 Red 4 liters
2008 Red 4 liters
2007 Red 4 liters
2006 Red 4 liters
2005 Red 4 liters

There is no chance 2008 107 engine will work efficiently with bad cooling. Make sure you service system at Peugeot with installed 1.0 engine correctly. You may use code of motor 1KR (384F) and volume figure of 1.0 or just tell the 2011 year of production to buy liquid. It’s important to use 4 liters of coolant which has Red color. For sufficient use of Peugeot 107 you need to use suitable antifreeze.

  • In Red type of liquid was a lot of toxic fluid, but now you still use it in motors with 1KR (384F) engines.

  • Some time ago by looking at antifreeze in 2006 Peugeot 107 you could know the dominative element.

  • It’s just a special dye, but you should remember to add to 1.0 motor at least 4 liters of it – it’s important.

Look at Peugeot’s requirements and make your 2010 107 serve longer and with no problem. To endure car life take only Red antifreeze and pour not more or less than 4 liters. Every Peugeot owner should remember that engines with code 1KR (384F) are quite demanding. Produced in 2011 the 1.0 engine in 107 model will serve longer by this.

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